A Long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away

Love brought together two souls on a journey to celebrate their union in a way that's out of this world. Courtney and Kevin, avid Star Wars fans, exchanged vows on May the 4th, 2024 - In a wedding that blended galactic adventure with timeless romance, all expertly captured by yours truly.

From the moment guests arrived, they were transported to a galaxy filled with a super cute ewok and more. The couple's attention to detail was impeccable, with every aspect of their wedding carefully infused with nods to the iconic space saga. A lightsaber centerpiece adorned head table, while two R2-D2's topped their wedding cake dressed as a bride + groom.

As Courtney walked down the aisle, she radiated elegance in her gown, complete with a delicate pearl veil that billowed behind her like a trail of stardust. Kevin, waiting at the altar couldn't take his eyes off his bride, his love shining brighter than the galaxy.

From the emotional exchange of vows to the lively reception filled with laughter and dancing, Courtney and Kevin's love story unfolded, immortalized in each frame as they embarked on their next chapter together.

The force was truly strong with this couple as they embarked on their cosmic journey of love and partnership. As their wedding day came to a close, guests departed with hearts full of joy and memories that would last a lifetime, thanks to the magic of Courtney and Kevin's Star Wars themed celebration.

May the love be with you, Courtney and Kevin, as you navigate the stars together, hand in hand, forevermore.


-Kathleen xx